What is explosion-proof?

Explosion-proof technology =
technology to prevent explosions

The combustible gas generated in the oil refining process and the air in the plant mix to form an explosive gas, which can cause an explosion or fire if it comes into contact with a heat source, such as sparks from electrical equipment or other hot objects. The technology to prevent such explosions and fire hazards is called explosion-proof technology.

Explosion proof work of Showa Astec =
Technology for explosion-proof electrical work

We are a pioneer in the field of explosion-proof technology in the field of explosion-proof electrical work. The technical know-how we have developed over the years is highly regarded not only in Japan but also in the Middle East, one of the world's leading oil-producing regions, and in other countries.

From explosion-proof technology to maintenance

Nowadays, we have also entered the field of maintenance by applying explosion-proof electrical work technology. Maintenance prolongs the life of machines and equipment and achieves higher productivity throughout the plant, including operational efficiency and cost reduction.